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Indian marriage and Stylish dressing

Its peak season for marriage in INDIA right now, the busiest time of the year.

Marriage is incomplete without stylish dressing. And especially when it comes to one of your sibling marriage, girls go crazy about what to wear .This is very natural and somehow correct too. Everyone eyes are on you, so you have the right to dress up fabulously.  

Anarkali dress

In Indian marriage there are many events like sangeet, haldi varmala, phere and many more and all this required separate attire and these attires should be eye catchy and should be perfect according to occasion.

First let’s talk about Sangeet. I think anarkali dresses are perfect for your Sangeet where you know you’ll be dancing all night long. Don’t go for heavy Dress make it simple and unique of a bright color likes pink, blue red or yellow but do remember to select the perfect one for you understanding your complexion and body structure and carry it with suitable accessories.

The most important day “THE WEDDING DAY”. This day is the only day where you must focus on your dressing style.

The lehenga is the perfect pick for the younger sister. A elegant and stunning lehenga with a perfect colour combo is the right choice. But remember avoid red and maroons colours lehengas.

These colours are meant for bride. Go for green purple pink blue orange and many more, leave these two colours for bride. Blue has many shades and lehenga in blue is so in. if you want you can also go for elegant sari.

In my option, Pick the sari with the girlish look and carry that in the sexiest way you can. A sari with showy border is the perfect choice for a young girl.

If the marriage is of your brother or sister and you want to be shows topper think out of the box. Choose a dress which complements your personality.

If I talk about myself I would pick a netted lehenga of single colour and a backless choli with a blooming latakan on both lehenga and choli with a heavy worked dupatta on it. But that is purely my choice you have full right to experiment and select the perfect and unique dressing style for you. You can give yourself the best advice.


trupti lakhani
trupti lakhani


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